Interview mit Skarhead


Interview with Lord Ezec

1) "Kings at Crime" was released more than 10 years ago. When did you come up with the idea to release a new SKARHEAD record?

Been wanting to do a new Skarhead record for a couple of years but never got to it... I told Laurens from I Scream Records that I can do a new Skarhead record in 6 days and he was down!!! I went into the practice studio for 2 days and recorded the album in 4 days. Hardcore mutha fucka!!!

2) How did the new songs evolve. How did you get all the feature guests together?

I had White Owl, White Wolf, Riggs, Wes, A.K. Ray and Matt in the studio with me as paid studio musicians so it was easy for me!!! We all work together very well. All the guests are friends of mine, so they came down and had a great time. I wrote this record on the spot and showed the world that no one can do it better then me!!! This record blows away any hardcore record in the last 10 years!!!

3) What is your definition of Thugcore?


4) Being linked between the world of Hip Hop and Hardcore, where do you see the similarities between the scenes, what separates them from each other?

Hardcore kids are way harder then hip hop kids!!! But hardcore kids tend to whine more about the scene and stuff like that. I think a hardcore show is way more entertaining then a hip-hop show. I tend to bring the hardcore element to my hip hop shows. Hardcore 4 Life!!!

5) The booklet of "Drugs, Music and Sex" contains a lot of pictures of Graffiti pieces and T-Ups. When are they dated and are you still involved in the Graffiti scene?

I been writing Graff. since 1985. I used to be crazy with the graff. wars back in the day. I was bombing hard from 87-94. I now do my thing when ever I can. I can't afford to get locked up for street bombing like I did back in the day. But I still destroy shit especially on tour all over the world. I have a clothing line called "LORD EZEC STREET WEAR" and I sell mad graff. shirts. You can find my t-shirt line on Risky, Mque, Stea, Charm, Haeler, Payaso, Make and I have contributed to the t-shirt designs.

6) What do you think about today's Hardcore scene with all the new bands coming up? Most of them are very political correct, positive thinking, middle class kids..

Fuck Politics!!! The reason I got into hardcore was to forget about the fucked up world we have!!! I think it is cool that kids are in favor to help the environment and the whole organic thing but politics are fucked up. If you are doing something to help out the world, then I am cool with your message.

7) SKARHEAD is one of the bands being really involved in D.M.S.. Could you please give us a better understanding of the crew?

There is nothing really to understand.

8) There are a lot of definitions circulating for D.M.S. Like Doc Martins Skinheads or Demonstrating My Style. What are yours?


9) D.M.S is said to be a crew the cleaned the scene from fascistic tendencies. On the other side D.M.S. has the reputation of being a gang brawling at shows. What is your side of the story?

DMS is what it is. There hasn't been a DMS brawl at a show since 87!!!! Lets get shit straight and correct. We were kids and stepped into the scene and beat down the nazi punks. We are street kids so we had a street mentality to everything we did when we were young. Then we told the older guys that this is our scene and they did what they did, they had no choice but to let us take it over and shut there mouths!!!

10) What do you think about violence in the scene in general?


11) What is your opinion on straight edge (Apart of the song "big payback")?

Straight Edge is cool. I never had beef with the straight edge movement. I consider Carl from Earth Crisis a brother of mine. The song the "Big Payback" was not a diss to the Straight Edge movement!!! We were dissing this dude who stole money from our tour who was supposedly straight edge.

12) You've been to Ieper Fest last year. How did you experience the scene there?

Dope!!! Love doing the festivals in Europe. Europe is a great place to visit and have fun.

13) What other projects are you still working on?

I got my website up . I am gonna do a new ICEPICK record soon, almost finished with the KAOS 13 project with Grizz from Ruff Ryders. Finshed the new Shotblocker record. Danny Diablo "International Hardcore Superstar" is out now on iTunes. Gonna do Jewish Gangsters with Necro and the Riviera Regime next year. I am directing and producing videos and music projects like Skam Dust. I am also working on new movie roles. The hardest and most busiest thing I do now is that I am a full time dad! Check out all my official music and merchandise at . ILL-ROC RECORDS is now official and up and running in the States. Check out Countdown/ Real Recognizes Real Records for my stuff in Europe.

14) What can we expect from SKARHEAD in the future?

To tour and make money!!! Gonna try to do a big mixed tour. Skarhead, Psycho Realm, Necro, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big B, Swollen Members, Hed Pe, La Coka Nostra and The Shotblockers.

15) Anything you would like to add?

Buy all my shit!!!
Skarhead rules! Thank you to ILL-ROC RECORDS, COUNTDOWN RECORDS, REAL RECOGNIZES REAL RECORDS, I SCREAM RECORDS and all my friends and family in Europe!!!

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von Alex // Allschools 05.11.2009 11:20

Torben, guck wer auf dem 2. Foto ganz links steht. Mich gruselts jetzt schon wieder :D

von torben | allschools 05.11.2009 11:23

haha. extra für dich!

von Alex // Allschools 05.11.2009 11:24

Hach, du bist so gut zu mir, haha

von rtl 06.11.2009 15:26

genau so ein clown wie er hier: Who is Danny Diablo? Many stories told, some true, some exaggerated, tell a myth of a fearless street fighter, a Keyser Soze of sorts, who repeatedly finds himself in uncompromising situations, forced to confront impossible odds, only to emerge victorious time and time again, virtually unscathed, usually with a girl in one hand and a beer in the other. If James Bond were from the streets, he would be Danny Diablo. Born Danny Singer back in the seventies, Diablo was the first child to proud and loving parents mom a Puerto Rican from the East River Houses in Spanish Harlem and dad a Jewish cop from Brooklyn, with red hair and blue eyes, who worked the streets of Spanish Harlem. “I was born in money making Manhattan, because my mom worked in Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital,” recalls Danny, “but I was raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, home of the drug cartels and crackheads.” The oldest of three kids, Danny was raised on music and strong family values. “Growing up in Queens, especially in Jackson Heights, you heard all kinds of music: hip hop, salsa, meringue, classic rock, metal, blues, folk.” But it was Danny’s Uncle Tafty who opened his eyes and ears to music. “He had one eye, the other one was glass but a different color, because he was ghetto, and he always used to play guitar and sing for me.” USA Roller Rink was just in walking distance away where rap and metal were the music of choice for the kids in this rotten borough. Music was all around and so was violence. “It was easy to get caught up in some shit when you were young”, Danny remembers. In the mid-eighties Jackson Heights became the mecca for a brand of punk rock known as New York hardcore with bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Raw Deal, The Mob and SFA. By now Danny was heavily into graffiti and went by the tag “Lord Ezec”; Lord as another word for king, and Ezec short for the biblical prophet Ezekiel which signifies “whom God makes strong”. Danny saw his first show in 1987 at CBGB’s, a Sunday hardcore matinee with Raw Deal, Absolution and Underdog. Danny quickly identified with the spirit, attitude and aggression of this unique local music scene, and Sunday matinees at CBGB’s, The Ritz, L’Amour’s or Irving Plaza soon became the norm. For those who knew Danny, it didn’t take long to realize that Danny was someone you wanted on your side. While others had a reputation for starting fights, Danny was known for finishing them. Danny went on his first tour as a roadie for Sick Of It All on their 1992 United States run with Biohazard. On a tour marred with enough fights to make the World Wrestling Federation jealous, Danny came back from tour a legend in his own time. Danny never looked for trouble, but trouble always seemed to find him, often because he was as good as beer muscles to his crew of friends. In 1994 Danny formed the critically acclaimed NYHC act Crown Of Thornz. As vocalist for the group, Danny quickly developed into a charismatic and powerful frontman, belting out emotionally charged lyrics of introspection, pain and anger. Crown Of Thornz released their debut EP “Train Yard Blues” in 1995, a dedication to Danny’s younger brother David whose life ended tragically the year prior. Later in 1995 Danny branched off with members of NYHC act Madball to form Skarhead and release “Drugs, Money, Sex”, an alter-ego side project in which Danny sang of the harsh realities of living in the NYC. The following year Crown Of Thornz struck back with their 1996 underground classic “Mentally Vexed”, a juggernaut of riffs and melodies that had hardcore fans as far as Europe and Japan in a frenzy. The year 1998 ultimately proved to be Crown Of Thornz’ final curtain call as Danny shifted all of his efforts to Skarhead and released “Kings At Crime” the following year. For Danny, Skarhead epitomized the hardcore lifestyle, living day to day, hand to mouth in an unforgiving world filled with drugs and violence. Tours with The Misfits, GWAR and Hatebreed soon followed as Skarhead always left a lasting impression both on and off the stage, regardless of where they played. Eventually Danny took Skarhead all around the United States and the world, culminating in a 1999 summer Warped Tour appearance alongside acts such as Suicidal Tendencies, Eminem, Sevendust, Ice-T, Dropkick Murphys and Blink 182. Where other hardcore acts often held themselves back for fear of losing their credibility, Skarhead embodied a hardcore sound with a hip-hop mentality, setting the standard for not giving a fuck, doing and saying whatever they wanted without fear of repercussion. What other hardcore act could tour with Vanilla Ice and get away with it? Skarhead eventually called it quits in 2002, releasing “NY Thugcore: The Hardcore Years 1994-2000”, a mind-numbing collection of early demos, rare tracks, singles and live cuts. Now everyone’s favorite redheaded Puerto Rican Jew is back in his truest form, Danny Diablo, ready to bring his brand of real-life thuggery to the masses. With “TCOB” squarely tattooed on his fist, Diablo is taking care of business with his unique blend of hardcore rhymes over hip hop beats. Making his debut on The Transplants’ new joint, Diablo’s creative juices are flowing and he is ready to take his show on the road. With the production skills of Dante Ross (Everlast, Brand Nubian, 3rd Bass) in his corner, and a list of cameos that would make P. Diddy jealous, Diablo is poised to knock out the competition in 2004. The legend of Danny Diablo lives on…

von rtl 06.11.2009 15:31

haha, moment, das isser ja, haha, was ein fail. xD aber noch mal geil den seine bio so zu lesen

von gonzo 09.11.2009 10:07

der typ is lustig!

von Eric 17.11.2009 19:01

Was soll diese geschmacklose beleidigung?

von arndt 18.11.2009 20:51

er is eben n thug aber doch durchaus sympathisch

von @ Alex/Allschools 23.11.2009 18:45

Wer ist die Alte??

von @ @Alex // Allschools 23.11.2009 18:48

Tja, wie soll ich das sagen. Die ist da aufm dem Festival die ganze Zeit rumgeschwirrt und sah einfach alle drei Tage aus wie ein Clown. Gruselig auf jeden Fall. Ist mir im Gedächtnis eingebrannt. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger.

von yo 23.11.2009 22:14

madame kommt aus england. hat das frühere ninja fest gemacht! ist cool!

von Alex // Allschools 23.11.2009 22:28

Genau richtig. So war das. Ich erinnere mich. Danke für die Auffrischung. Trotzdem irgendwie gruselig. Egal, klingt zu oberflächlich, deswegen Schluss damit.

von @Alex 24.11.2009 08:44

Fanbabe halt. Kenn ich von den Ignitetouren. Die hatten immer zahlreiche Ischen, die Ihnen von Show zu Show gefolgt sind, und glaub mir da waren einige noch gruseliger.