Record Reviews
  Soulfly - Savages
vom 03.10.2013 - by Manuel
Bewertung: 7
Release: 04.10.2013
  Soulfly - Enslaved
vom 07.03.2012 - by Enrico
Bewertung: 7
Release: 09.03.2012
  Soulfly - Omen
vom 15.05.2010 - by Clement
Bewertung: 8
Release: 21.05.2010
  Soulfly - Conquer
vom 13.07.2008 - by Clement
Bewertung: 8
Release: 25.07.2008
  Soulfly - Dark Ages
vom 27.09.2005 - by Moritz
Bewertung: 9
Release: 01.01.1970
  Soulfly - The Prophecy
vom - by
Bewertung: Nicht bewertet
Release: 01.01.1970

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My engine is to just keep on writing songs that me and fans can go apeshit on. Plus adding new influences to the music is a big part of Soulfly. It keeps myself and Soulfly moving ahead doing these two things. Sometimes I like one song better than the other. Soulfly maintains the traditional feeling. There are different fans that like different songs. Keep moving forward

03.07.2008: SOULFLY on Tour
14.07.2007: SOULFLY on Tour