36 CRAZYFISTS: Studio Update


Folgende Nachricht haben die Jungs von 36 Crazyfists für die Fans hinterlassen:

"Hey Gang!

The keg has been tapped. Thomas is completely done with the drum tracking and has become an annoyance now.

I finished all the rhythm tracking as of Monday. They came out killer. We used a few different methods on the guitars. First we ran my Ibanez SZ through my Mesa, killer sound. Next we ran a 68 Tele through a Soldano T-50 for the crisp, clean hear every note sound. We also ran DI for back up and re-amping as a safety precaution. Other options ran were an SG, and a JCM 800. The guitar sounds are crushing and my playing isn't too shabby either - HA.

As I write this Mick is upstairs with Sal working out Bass sounds and they should begin tracking shortly. Brock has still been going in to the city and taking his vocal coaching, and being an annoyance as well, Woot.

We have been video taping everything and I promise some clips soon. There are some new PICTURES on the site from pre-production up till now. I will try and get more of these up soon as well, send flowers..."