36 CRAZYFISTS: Studiotagebuch


Die 36 Crazyfists sind fleissig dabei, ihr neues Album fertig zu stellen. Lest das Studio-Update von Gitarrist Steve Holt:

Derby, England

„Oi! I made it safely over the sea with some help from a few pills, no sleep and beer. Joy. Im now at Backstage Stage Productions with the master Andy Sneap. Weve just been boozing and hunting in the fields so far, Im kidding, we got right to work and Andy already has the drums on their way to greatness and we are focusing on guitar sounds at the moment. Got out and met the locals last night with Andy and the ever so lovely Helen. Things are rolling along as Im in the last phase of this record and I cannot wait until you all get to hear it. Remember the first Deicide record? Its not like that at all...ha. Ill be getting out and about and a bit with Andy to see a couple of shows, should be cool and a good break from the mixing. All right for now, innit?“