AEON veröffentlichen Tracklisting und Frontcover zum neuen Album "Path Of Fire"


Die Death Metaller AEON haben das Tracklisting und Frontcover für ihr anstehendes neues Album "Path Of Fire" gepostet. Das Album erscheint am 21. bzw. 24. Mai via Metal Blade Records in Europa!

AEON haben den Longplayer in Schweden aufgenommen, gemischt wurde Path Of Fire von Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) in den Mana Studios in Florida. Für das Mastering zeichnet sich Alan Douches aus West West Side Music verantwortlich.

Gitarrist Zeb Nilsson: "We talked to Erik about this idea on the tour we did with HATE ETERNAL, and he really felt like doing it too, so here we are. Of course he did a great job, the guitars came out HUGE! And this production has more of a classical death metal feel to it, more organic and dynamic than most modern productions out there today. I couldn't be happier with the way it all came out."

Gitarrist Daniel Dlimi über das Frontcover von Path Of Fire: "I created this symbol/badge that for me reflects life, death and the path you have chosen to live your life by. It's about whatever you want to chain yourself to 10 commandments or live free after your own conscience and will."

"Path Of Fire" wird aus diesen Tracks bestehen:
01 Forgiveness Denied
02 Kill Them All
03 Inheritance
04 Abomination To God
05 Total Kristus Inversus
06 Of Fire
07 I Will Burn
08 Suffer The Soul
09 The Sacrament
10 Liar In The Name Of God
11 God Of War