AFI - Fertig mit Songwriting


AFI haben das Songwriting zu ihrem neuen Album abgeschlossen:

"Hello dear, it's time. We've officially finished writing the 8th AFI album, and now we enter the studio to put it on tape. We have a fabulous producer we'll be working with, David Bottrill, who has worked on some fantastic and legendary albums by Peter Gabriel, Muse, Silverchair, Placebo, and Tool. We've spent this whole year crafting these songs and we're impatient to share them, so let's get busy. Love, Davey, Adam, Hunter, and Me"

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von Bassi 10.11.2008 19:50

Bin ich mal seeeehr gespannt wie es diesmal klingt. Bei Decemberunderground war ja von Poppunk über 80er Wave und Stadionrock plus hc-chöre alles dabei.