AGE OF RUIN - Recording Update


AGE OF RUIN haben ein Update aus dem Studio zu vermelden. Lest selbst:

"We just finished up tracking the drums, and seriously dudes, HOLY SHIT. Imagine if Jesus Christ consummated with an Octopus, and it had a kid that shredded metalcore drums. That's what EVERY SECOND sounds like. Alas, there is no 8-armed (un)holy progeny on this record but rather our dude, who does in fact takes this band seriously, DAVID HAIK. Next time you see this guy, give him a hard fist pound for us (but not too hard, in case ink actually would come squirting out of his ass).

We also tracked a seminal guest spot with our former drummer/eternal dude Colin Kercz. We didn't want to blow the shred load yet, but it shaped up to be a serious drum clinic with both Colin and David LITERALLY ripping the drum kit apart on the same track. Tracking this actually led to the only major bumout of the session so far, when during one particularly vicious double-bass driven nonronesque fill, a major fissure opened in the studio parking lot and swallowed Brian Kerley's car whole!@! oop! sorry dude!

The tracks are shaping up, so far we have 4 song titles completely carved in stone:

Burn This City
The Snitch
Distance Fails

some other tentative song titles we have been kicking around include:

The Bullheaded Clap
Ghosted Taint Catharsis
The Hitman Hart
Garth Vader
Cathartic Ghost Tainting
Attack of the Dungeon Witch
Stabbed and Kicked (in the Dick)
Ghost in the Taints

We'll keep everyone posted though, perhaps a "studio webisode" will come
down the youpipe tubeline in the near future."

Weiterhin arbeitet man an einer Europatour.