AIRBOURNE - Jahresrückblick


Hier der kurze Rückblick von AIRBOURNE Frontmann Joel.

What was your personal theme song this year and why?
Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf, it's been my theme song for my entire life, I don't know why, I'm just addicted to the place it puts me in. It's so good being inside this song, it's a real escape. At the end of every world tour we do as I sit on the 747 just before take-off I hit play and as the turbines roar the intro pumps my adrenaline into overdrive, we thunder down the runway and blast off the earth like a Bat Out Of Hell, and as we hit the tops of the clouds and Meat Loaf sings the first few words "The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight" -- it's then and only then that I know I'm truly going home.

What's the most embarrassing or funny thing that happened on tour this year? Tell us the story!

Well let's see, ah yes... Mid-year on a European tour, the bus left me behind in a Swedish blizzard, I had no phone no passport, no wallet and no pants on! Just boxers and a tee shirt. After managing to convince the owner of a service station to let me call the police I managed to get a hold of management who then called the bus (some 250 miles down the road and well into their 4th keg of becks) to tell them I was still 'chilling' in Sweden. And was it cold for about 6 hours huddled up in a bus shelter trying to figure out a way to start a fire! Finally the bus returned, I jumped straight back on and the first thing I did was poor myself an ice cold pint.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this year?

Don't get off the bus without a phone, a passport, a wallet and warm pair of pants.

What's the coolest thing you discovered this year?

Meat Loaf is back!

What's your new year's resolution?

To fly.