Auch ALKALINE TRIO haben den Dachboden ausgemistet und bringen im Januar eine Raritätensammlung mit folgenden Titeln an den Start:

01. "Hell Yes"
02. "My Standard Break From Life"
03. "Dead End Road"
04. "Metro"
05. "Jaked On Green Beers"
06. "Queen Of Pain"
07. "While You're Waiting"
08. "Rooftops"
09. "Old School Reasons"
10. "Warbrain"
11. "Fine Without You"
12. "Hating Every Minute"
13. "Dead And Broken"
14. "Sadie"
15. "If You Had A Bad Time"
16. "Wait For The Blackout"
17. "We Can Never Break Up"
18. "Don't Say You Won't"
19. "Buried"
20. "Dethbed" (Live)
21. "My Standard Break From Life" (Live Acoustic)
22. "I'm Dying Tomorrow" (Live)