ALL SHALL PERISH - Studioupdate


Direkt aus dem Studio lässt die Band folgendes verlauten:

"Well, well well.. what do you know? It's an ALL SHALL PERISH studio update!

Great news is finally here, we have been working frantically around the clock with Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios to create what we concider the heaviest, most cutting edge Perish album to date. Listening back on what we have already laid down in the studio, its apparent that we have upped our game again compared to the last CD. The new stuff literally is sending chills down my spine!

A lot of you guys have been asking for use to upload a track, some pre production, ANYTHING just to hear what direction ASP is going. While it is tempting to share with you what we have created so far, we want you to hear it at 100%. We promise that as soon as we have a completed track, you will find it RIGHT HERE, so keep checking back.

Last week we finished up all of the drums, rhythm guitars, and bass guitar. This week, we have moved on to vocals and guitar solos. Its incredible how fast the whole process has been going, and it really shows that ASP is becoming a well oilled machine in the studio.

Stay tuned for some video footage!

Ben Orum
All Shall Perish"

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von bree ! 01.05.2008 14:03

spielen die jetzt aufm vainstream oder nicht?

von Horsti 01.05.2008 14:03

Freu mich wie Sau!

von pascal 01.05.2008 16:01

ja tun sie

von jonas 01.05.2008 16:58

steht im myspace aber nix von ...