ALL THAT REMAINS - DVD Aufnahmen die Zweite


ALL THAT REMAINS haben nach Abschluss dr Aufnahmen für ihre DVD festgestellt, dass einige Audiodateien beschädigt sind. Folglich muss neues Material aufgenommen werden. Hier das Statement:

"As everyone knows, we shot footage for a DVD. Unfortunately, some of the audio files were corrupted so we have to shoot again. I know, this is getting stupid, but we don't want to put out some subpar, crappy DVD. Most of you guys 'n gals have been with us for a long time and waiting almost as long for the DVD. We are working hard to make sure if you plunk down 20 bucks, you get what you pay for: A full live show and enough extras to give you a sense of who we are. Also, if you were at the Philly shoot don't worry. We're gonna use footage from BOTH shows, you still may get your mug on the dvd (that means you Larry). With that being said I'm gonna announce there is going to be another ALL THAT REMAINS DVD shoot Thursday, July 12th at The Recher Theater in Towson, MD; other acts [to be announced]. This also will also stand as a makeup show for the Baltimore date we missed on the BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE tour. So come on out, again. Get into it!"