ALL THAT REMAINS - In Pre-Produktion


ALL THAT REMAINS befinden sich zur Ziet mit Produzent Jason Suecof (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CHIMAIRA, CANNAE)im Studio, um ihr neues Album einzuspielen.

Dazu Sänger Phil Labonte: "The guys got here [in Florida] on Wednesday and we started pre-production. It didn't take long for the stuff to come together.

"Jason is a great producer and he has had some really great ideas that we tried out and all most every time they worked out wonderfully.

"It's lookin' like it's gonna be 11 new songs. We have a cover in the works but I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag yet. Don't worry, it's a pretty sweet song and it's not some song from the '80s like every other band does. It's a great song that never really got the attention it deserved.

"So yeah, 11 new ATR originals. Lots of 'em are kinda short. Which I like, 'cause I have ADD so bad it's crazy.

"Some stuff is very different from anything we've done before. That makes me pretty happy. We don't wanna be the band that puts out the same disc two or three times in a row. There's some pretty rockin stuff, some heavy stuff, LOTS of solos, and LOTS and LOTS of double bass. We like to keep Jason [Costa, drums] feeling like he's more of a marathon runner than playing the drums.

"So yeah, the long and the short of it: the disc is coming together. Late August or early September it should be in stores and on iTunes."