AMERICAN STEEL - Gitarrist startet eigenes Label


Ryan Massey (American Steel, Communique) startet mit Lugosi Records sein eigenes Plattenlabel. Zusammen mit AMERICAN STEEL und Masseys Zweitband - THE RECKLESS KIND - wird es eine Eröffnungsfeier in San Francisco geben. HIER gibt es Infos zum Material der Künstler sowie zu den bevorstehenden Releases.

Masseys Steatement zu Plänen und dem Label an sich:

“Lugosi Records is an idea that has floated around for years, and was finally made a reality when Lookout Records saw fit to disband, returning all rights to master recordings back to the artists. We are fortunate that a number of labels friendly to our cause (such as it is) would have been happy to re-release the old Amsteel and Communiqué albums for us. But I have always wanted to have a venue for putting out records by bands that I really enjoy. So, distribution was secured, funding scoured for, and now we find ourselves in business (such as it is).
The old American Steel and Communiqué albums will be re-pressed and once again made available. In some cases, remastering and repackaging may be necessary as some of the original materials have been lost. We will also be putting out a handful of new releases a year. In the current climate, it is challenging for musicians to make even the most meager of livings. Yet I find that the importance of music in most people's lives is undiminished – it is just consumed in new ways. Hopefully this little label can lend some small amount of support to artists who care deeply about their craft, and everyone can have some fun to boot.”