AMERICAN STEEL reden über ihr Fat Wreck Debüt


AMERICAN STEEL haben ein Update zu ihrem Fat Wreck Debüt "Destroy Their Future" veröffentlicht, welches am 02. Oktober erscheinen soll. Die Band hat folgendes zu sagen:

"we finished recording for our new record and shipped off the tapes and files and artwork to be pressed. It is going to be called "Destroy Their Future" and will be out October 2nd on Fat Wreck Chords. We're all really amped (if you will) on how it all came out. Very easy and spontaneous and natural. Many people have asked what it sounds like, and my best answer would be a mix of later Phil Collins with some Miami Sound Machine sans Gloria Estefan. Anyway, lots of electronic drums.

Ok ok, so a little of the first record, a little more like Rogue's March, a smattering of Jagged Thoughts and then some of it's own new jam. If that even makes any sense. I'm not so sure after reading all that. We got a big name producer and engineer (at least in our world), who also wrote all the songs and babysat us. Ourselves. We'll be posting some shiza pretty soon so stay tuned."