ANAM CARA äufgelöst


Facedown Act ANAM CARA hat sich aufgelöst. Hier das Statement:

"Hey everyone, we just got word yesterday that the "sinners and saints tour" with xdeathstarx and blood stands still has been canceled. We apologize to everyone that was going to come out to those shows, we were looking forward to seeing all of you.

Anyone that has been following this band or any of our friends will know that we've been through a lot with Anam Cara. Since the EP was released we've struggled with member changes, shaky tours, and this year the accident was the biggest obstacle for us to get over. We've always come through things but after the accident we've had mounting debts and unsuccessful tours that have taken a large toll on us. After a lot of thought and discussion, we've decided to call it quits for Anam Cara. There are no hard feelings among any of the members. This is just the best decision for us. This band has been 4 years running and we're so happy for the friends we've made and the opportunities that have been given to us, but it's time for us to move on to other things. *Keep an eye out for new projects we will be working on.*

We will still be playing the show in Clearwater at the 688 on the 16th and it will be one of our last shows at home. We'll be announcing a small regional tour through Florida and our last show as soon as they're booked.

Again we want to thank everyone that has supported this band and all of our friends we've made because of it. We especially want to thank Jason Dunn and everyone at Facedown and Strike First Records for all of their support, prayers, and help since the beginning.

Please keep checking in with us to see when our last shows will be and please come out and see us off!"