Die Band hat folgendes Update veröffentlicht:

"Hello friends! Well, as you recently heard, we have signed with Universal. Our deal was done with Tooth & Nail, and we decided to take a chance and trust some new people that really believe in our band. It was one of the most difficult things we’ve had to do as a band because we are so in love with our family at T&N and will continue to work with them on plenty of projects for years to come. Speaking of, we are working on a b-sides record that will hopefully come out later this year. More info on this in the coming weeks.

But getting back to the signing to a major thing, please do not think we plan on drastically changing anything. We are the same band and plan to stay that way. We do not think we have “arrived” by any means (or even close to it). This business, now more than ever, is definitely NOT a sure thing, and selling records is harder than it has ever been. Actually, now that we’re on a major label, we plan on working all that much harder and give this our best shot. Anyways, there you go. Enough on that."

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von Ashcore 23.08.2007 22:11

Schon immer ein bisschen beunruhigend zu hören, dass eine so tolle Band zu nem Major wechselt, aber traue dene zu, dass souverän ihre Musik weiterentwickeln.