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ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY schreiben zur Zeit Songs für den Nachfolger von "Before The Throne Of Infection". Lest dazu das Statement der Engländer:

"We have started work on writing the follow-up full-length to 'Before The Throne Of Infection'. Over the past few weeks we have started to compile ideas and thoughts on concept, content and which route of progression we want to take. We have started work on the first few songs to be featured on the album. From what we've written so far, it's a big progression from 'Before…' in technicality, heaviness, speed and structure.

"We feel this is what we've been working up to and this album will depict us to a tee.
We've take a more old-school death approach to writing mixed with our current sound because it just feels right, there are a lot more solos/lead parts more blasts heavier slams and all the other cliché 'this-is-gonna-be-amazing' lines bands drop when theyre promoting a new CD. Even if no one else likes what we've written, we're the most happiest we've been with our output. We've locked ourselves away in a room and just written what has come naturally , It's taken a lot of influence from bands we worship, aka NILE, DECAPITATED, HATE ETERNAL, DEVOURMENT, DEICIDE, and has a concept that follows on from where 'Before The Throne' left off.

"We will release more info later on in the year when we have decided on song titles, album title, artwork and release date. We're working for a January 2009 release but we will demo some stuff this year so you can all hear it.

"Prepare for something evil, heavy, agressive and pure ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY."

Alte Kommentare

von ian [ttr] 25.06.2008 10:54

find die jetzt nicht sooo toll. aber es wird ja voll böse und abartig geil und das härteste album der welt und so.den spruch kenn ich irgendwo her...naja ich hör lieber gerade salt the wound. sind auch böse^^

von Hurensohn 25.06.2008 12:46

Klasse Band, geht aber viel zu schnell..

von oO 25.06.2008 13:56

Denke auch geht ein bisschen zu schnell. Fand aber irgendwie das Album auch nicht ganz so gut wie die EP bzw. hat es sich bei mir ziemlich schnell ausgehört gehabt. Vorallem das neu eingespielte Sludge City war ja wohl ma richtig grottig... Aber lustig ist, das die mir das T-Shirt und das ALbum 2 mal geschickt ahben, obwohl ich es nur einmal bestellt habe xD