ANTERIOR launchen landing page für ‘Echoes Of The Fallen’ und veröffentlichen erste Single ‘Tyranny’


ANTERIOR machen sich dazu bereit, ihr zweites Album "Echoes Of The Fallen" zu veröffentlichen.

Jetzt haben die Waliser eine landing page gelauncht, auf welcher man den brandneuen Song "Tyranny" von ihrem zweiten Longplayer "Echoes Of The Fallen" checken kann.

Surft mal rüber zu und checkt die Seite an!

Erscheinen wird der 10-Tracker am 26. August.

Frontmann Leon Kemp kann es kaum erwarten: "That's right! The new album is finally here and we cannot wait for you guys to hear it! We've been hard at it for the past few months with producer Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios and I must say the tracks are sounding massive. I feel we've really found our sound on this album. It's been quite a while since our last release and we've matured a lot as a band, especially with the addition of some new members. We've managed to retain all the great aspects of our first album "This Age Of Silence" and improve on them. The songs are more concise than before and we've really worked on making each song as strong as it can possibly be. We haven't settled for anything less, and at times it's been tough working to the benchmark we set ourselves, but it's brought the best out in everyone and after hearing the finished product it's definitely been worth it. We've had a phenomenal reaction to some of the new tracks we've played live and we can't wait for this album to drop, we are sure you guys are gonna love it! And if you can't wait to hear some new songs then get your asses to Sonisphere, we'll be ripping out a few new tunes for you guys!"

"Echoes Of The Fallen" Tracklist:
1. To Live Not Remain
2. Blood In The Throne Room
3. Tyranny
4. Of Gods And Men
5. By Horror Haunted
6. Echoes Of The Fallen
7. The Evangelist
8. Sleep Soundly No More
9. Venomous
10. Senora De Las Sombras