ANTI-FLAG - Gehen ins Studio mit Tony Visconti (David Bowie, Morrissey)


ANTI-FLAG haben das Studio betreten, um ihr nächstes Album aufzunehmen. Diesmal wird das ganze von Produzent Tony Visconti (David Bowie, Morrissey) betreut. VÖ und Titel stehen noch nicht fest, aber wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden. Hier das Statement von #2:

"In a sense we are trying to create the most D.I.Y. record we've ever made. This concept is precisely why we chose Tony Visconti to aid us in our vision. This is the first album we have not recorded with a click track since our first release and we are trying to make it sound as live and having as much energy as possible. When writing songs for this album we set out to challenge ourselves and anyone who has any preconceived notion of what Anti-Flag means, believes in, stands for and sounds like."