APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE - Bassist steigt aus


Bassist PJ wird die britische Punkband verlassen. Im Statement des Musikers heisst es:

"After five years, hundreds of shows and a LOT of time sat in a van, I've taken the decision to say goodbye to my brothers in Apologies, I Have None. There’s no beef, no drama and no bad blood – I've got nothing but love for the guys that I've shared my life with for the past five years, and I genuinely wish them nothing but the very best, and all the success they can hope for. They deserve it.

It wasn't an easy decision, nor one I made lightly. I've gotten to go places and do things that I literally never thought I’d be able to do in my whole life, and that’s all thanks to this band and the fantastic team of people we work with. Although moving on is something I know I need to do, I will certainly look back on my time in Apologies, I Have None with pride and happiness.

I've met so many great people - both fellow musicians and fans who share the same passion that we do. Some of these people I've met very recently, some have been there since way back when. I want to say a genuine and huge thank you to anyone that has supported us in any way: buying our records, letting us crash on your floor, feeding us and of course coming out to shows and singing along. I want you to know: Every note sung, every kind word spoken, every band I've been privileged enough to share a stage with, every friendship formed - I never took any of it for granted and I'm eternally grateful to each and every one of you.

The band will, of course, be cracking on without me, and I have total faith that their next record will be a great one. Keep your ears open!

The Deadpunk all-dayer in Bristol this Monday, August 25th will be my last show with Apologies, I Have None. It would be great to see you there, but if not I'm sure I'll see you around. You can’t get rid of me that easily : )

Big love