ARCH ENEMY - Nachricht von Michael Amott


Hier sein Update:

“To all ARCH ENEMY fans!
So how does it sound, you ask? Well, I am of the opinion that we have made the 'ultimate ARCH ENEMY album'!!! To me, this album sounds like the perfect mix of melody and brutality. This album is a an organic and honest statement from the band - it’s pure f**king metal at its absolute best, the ARCH ENEMY way!

Producer Fredrik Nordström did a killer mix on the record - the sound is big and intense! This album has everything that ARCH ENEMY represents in my mind. I can't wait to release it and play these songs live for you, the fans!”

Actually, we have to start rehearsing at some point this summer... We will be playing a couple of festivals in the U.K. (‘Bloodstock’) and Germany (‘Up From The Ground’). These will be the first shows with my brother Christopher (Amott - Guitar) back in the band! We also have to work out how to play these new songs so we will have a very busy summer with ARCH ENEMY, that's for certain!

The touring plan for ARCH ENEMY will start full on after the summer, and we can confirm we will joining the European “Black Crusade” tour package with Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce and Shadows Fall - yeah, that’s a pretty impressive tour, huh? Equally exciting for us is the Australian “Black Crusade” tour which we will be doing with Trivium and Machine Head.

Lots of other cool touring ideas are flying around at the moment - looks like we also might be visiting places on this planet where ARCH ENEMY has not yet had the pleasure of playing................ That’s what it’s all about!

Let the madness begin...”