ARMA GATHAS bei Metal Blade unter Vertrag


ARMA GATHAS, bestehend aus dem früheren CATARACT Gitarristen Simon Fülleman, ex-BORN FROM PAIN Sänger Ché Snelting, MACHINEMADE GOD und ex-CORNELIUS Gitarristen Marc Niedersberg, ex- DISLOYAL Schlagzeuger und Schlagzeugstudenten Max van Winkelhof und Alex Härtel am Bass, haben ihr Debütalbum Dead To This World im November 2009 in den Barracs Studios zusammen mit Sky Hoff (u.a. Caliban) am Mischpult eingespielt. Das Mastering hat der legendäre Alan Douches in den West West Side Studios in Zusammenarbeit mit Simon Anfang Dezember in New York erledigt.

Sänger Ché Snelting über den Vertragsabschluss mit Metal Blade:

"This is yet another dream come true in the short existence of the band. From evolving from just being an idea Simon was working on, to working with the right people in the band where everything falls in place. From recording, mixing and mastering the record with the perfect people for the job to working with the right artists to translate our ideas into the the records layout.

And now we signed a deal with the most legendary hard and heavy label in the world! We couldnt have wished for a better chance to spread our music and message. I have never been this proud in my life. Arma Gathas is everything we as a band and as people stand for. It is real. Just like Metal Blade. We cant wait to show this record to the world, we are so proud of the result!"

Das Banddebüt "Dead To This World" erscheint am 23. April in Europa, Höreindrucke gibt es HIER.