ARSIS - Haben sich nicht aufgelöst


Gerüchten zufolge sollen sich die Deather ARSIS aufgelöst haben. Grund dafür waren Tourabsagen der Amerikaner (u. a. mit EXODUS).
Sänger James Malone räumt diese Gerüchte auf und sagt dazu: "While is it true that we had to leave the Exodus tour early to take care of some personal business at home, Arsis is not breaking up. We will be meeting up with Skeletonwitch in Dallas this Sunday to resume the headlining portion of our tour. I sincerely apologize to any fans that came to see us in the cities that we were unable to play; I promise that we will make it up to you guys. Our new album, We Are the Nightmare, will be released April 15th through Nuclear Blast Records and we plan to be on tour all throughout the rest of the year. As of today, you can check out the title track from the new album on our My Space page."