ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS - Neuer Song online / ersetzen Sänger


ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS haben mit "Saturnine" einen ersten neuen Song online gestellt. Ihr findet ihn HIER.

Weiterhin hat man sich zum Ausstieg von Sänger Cameron Reed geäußert, der durch Jared Monnette ersetzt wurde. Hier das Statement der Band:

"If anyone has seen us in the past couple of months you may have noticed that we have a new vocalist. We would like to welcome Jared Monnette to the band, but first we must address the departure of Cameron Reed. Cameron decided to leave the band shortly after recording vocal tracks and prior to a Mexican tour, his explanation being God told him to leave the band because he was acting selfishly and wasn't putting enough time into focusing on God. This put us in a really rough situation, in which we decided to go on the Mexico tour without a vocalist. Guitarist Derek Yarra stepped up to vocal duties for the Mexico tour and honestly, it couldn’t have gone better due to the situation at hand. While on tour in Mexico we were overlooking our options for a new vocalist where Sean recommended former bandmate Jared Monnette. Within three days Jared had written lyrics and had sent us a rough vocal track of one of the new songs, and we were completely blown away! We couldn't have been more satisfied with his voice over the new material. He is definitely the new voice of AGATG and is a perfect match for the direction we were going musically.

We headed back into the studio to lay down the new vocal tracks, and it went wonderfully! The new CD entitled 'Portals' is due to hit stores July 14th. We can't wait for everyone to hear this record, old and new fans alike. We feel that the planets have aligned and that they helped us create the best album we have written, and definitely not the last. This is only the beginning, so get ready for this! Listen to the new record whether you like us or not, there will be something for you!"

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von damehle 19.06.2009 11:52

"God told him to leave the band because he was acting selfishly and wasn't putting enough time into focusing on God" - schiff mich an!! war der neue also schon bei der trash and burn tour dabei?!

von bla666 19.06.2009 12:36

hat der in mexico schlechten stoff bekommen?! oh man ....

von ALTER 16.07.2009 11:31


von Mortal Kombat 16.07.2009 12:20

Muss ich zustimmen, echt gutes Album!