AS CITIES BURN lösen sich doch nicht auf


Obwohl AS CITIES BURN Anfang Juni noch ihre Auflösung verkündeten haben sie sich nun doch für das Weitermachen entschieden. Auch Sänger TJ bleibt in der Band. Hier das Statement:

"Now, months later, after being on our headlining tour for a couple weeks, we have had many opportunities to talk to you all about how As Cities Burn has impacted on your lives. Conversations we have had with many of you have been overwhelmingly touching and encouraging. Through all of this we have realized how much of a blessing this band is in our lives and the lives of many of our supporters.

It has become clear to us that ending As Cities Burn right now would be extremely pre-mature, as there is much left for us to do as a band. We cant even begin to express how thankful and blessed we are by all of you that have encouraged and supported us over the past 4 years, and we are so excited to be continuing on to do another record."

Alte Kommentare

von cdd 16.07.2006 01:06

schön dass die doch jetzt weiter machen ;)

von Ashcore 12.08.2007 17:21

Aww noch 2 Tage und dieser record is draussen.

von dredg 12.08.2007 17:26

Testen! Und Envy On The Coast gleich mit! find ich ziemlich gut die beiden., und die Bands sollte man keinem vorenthalten.