AS IT IS - Video zu "Speak Soft"


AS IT IS aus Brighton, UK befinden sich gerade auf Tour in den USA und stellen mit dem Video zu "Speak Soft" ihre neue Single vom aktuellen Debütalbum "Never Happy, Ever After" vor.

Patty Walters und Ben Biss von AS IT IS zum Video:

"'Speak Soft' is about always falling short for someone you love and seeing only the damage you're causing. We loved the idea of 'Speak Soft' being track one on the album, opening with raw acapella vocals and unapologetically honest lyrics. This is my favourite music video of ours, I love how Chris interpreted the song's lyrics to create this tragic and beautiful story. It's been a truly dizzying and overwhelming year for us; to think this album only came out six months ago truly blows me away. I'm so excited to write our next album and see where it takes us.

The performance was filmed in Australia and the narrative in cold, cold England. This is the first video we've done that's a little more serious. We couldn't be happier with the way this video and more importantly - this year turned out for us. We can't wait to see what 2016 brings for us and to see how much further we can take this band that started in a living room in Brighton".