AS I LAY DYING Release Info


Metal Blade Records und AS I LAY DYING haben sich zusammengetan um "A LONG MARCH: THE FIRST RECORDINGS" an die Leute zu bringen. Die Single collection enthält die original Pluto Recordings von "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes" sowie die nachfolgende EP.

Hier die Tracklist:

I. The re-recorded...

THE EP - Newly recorded versions of the entire 2002 "EP"
1. Illusions
2. The Beginning
3. Reinvention
4. The Pain of Separation
5. Forever

II. The first two months (2001)...

6. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
7. Torn Within
8. Forced to Die
9. A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity
10. Blood Turned to Tears
11. The Voices that Betray Me
12. When This World Fades
13. Surrounded
14. A Long March
15. Refined by Your Embrace
16. The Innocence Spilled
17. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

III. A year later (2002)...

THE EP (original versions)
18. Illusions
19. The Beginning
20. Reinvention
21. The Pain of Separation
22. Forever

"A LONG MARCH: THE FIRST RECORDINGS" erscheint am 22. Mai 2006.