AS I LAY DYING im Studio


AS I LAY DYING sind derzeit im Studio mit den Aufnahmen zu ihrem neuen Album beschäftigt. Hier ein Update direkt von Sänger Tim Lambesis:

“We've released little bits of information here or there in previous news posts and blogs, but there are still questions coming in concerning what we've been up to. Below is an unquestionably obvious outline concerning our future plans…

1) We started working on new album

2) We started recording that new album a few weeks ago with Adam D & Daniel Castleman at the reigns (and JMR for a couple weeks)

3) There are only drums for 8 songs tracked so far. One of them may be questionable, but maybe vocals will help it make sense. Either way, we need write more than 8 songs (since they aren't as long as the 8 songs on Master of Puppets). Therefore we're working on writing MORE new songs as soon as we finish recording what's been started.

4) The only break in working on the new album will be our short trip to Mexico and Sri Lanka to play two of the best shows of our career.

5) All of us can't stress enough how grateful we are to be writing music that we love while still receiving a paycheck. This can only be credited to OUR LOYAL FANS! Sometimes bands need to rush out a crappy record so they can start touring again to pay their bills. In our case, we plan to make a record worth listening to (hopefully), and start touring again when we're done. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We care and we're working. In fact, I haven't had a full nights rest since March when the coolest kid ever made me a DAD!”

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