Am 02. Mai veröffentlichen skandinaviens AS WE FIGHT und THE PSYKE PROJECT ihr Split Album “EBOLA” (selfreleased vinyl version/ digital album via Lifeforce Records).

Das Album wird 9 Songs enthalten, die Vinyl Version 11 und wurde im Dead Rat Studio mit Jacob Bredahl aufgenommen.

“We grew up listening to rare split albums by our favorite metal artists such as Zao/Training For Utopia, Heaven Shall Burn/Caliban, Converge/Hellchild and so on. Albums that were very hard to find in stores and now a days are collector’s rarities. Today the split album between fellow bands is pretty much dead. Therefore the “EBOLA” split is a huge personal joy and our tribute to the old school hc split albums.

Both bands have had their filthy hands on almost all the work that surrounds “EBOLA” and we like the fact that this release consists of extremely limited vinyls and digital downloads (via Lifeforce) only. Sometimes it’s good to look back to keep ahead.”

So die Bandmitglieder zur Split.

Das Video zu "BATTLES" von THE PSYKE PROJECT findet ihr nachfolgend: