AT THE GATES - Arbeiten an einer Dokumentation


AT THE GATES sichten zur Zeit Filmmaterial für eine Dokumentation. Weiterhin wird verkündet, dass der Schwerpunkt der einzelnen Musiker auf den Hauptbands THE HAUNTED, DISFEAR, NEMHAIN und SLAKTATTACK liegt. Aber lest selber:

"The reunion shows for 2008 have come to an end. We want to thank everybody involved for making them happen. A massive 'thank you' goes out to our partners in THE HAUNTED, DISFEAR, NEMHAIN, SLAKTATTACK etc. for understanding the importance of doing these last couple of closing shows.

"What happens now, you might ask? Well, we are currently working on collecting a bunch of filmed material and we will begin to film and edit some footage for an upcoming documentary. More news about this at a later date. In the meanwhile, please respect our current status, and try to understand that our main priority lies with our current bands and prior commitments.

"Thanks everybody for making this a memorable summer for us all."