AT THE SOUNDAWN - neuer Song online


Die Italiener AT THE SOUNDAWN haben einen neuen Track von ihrem am 15. März über Lifeforce Records veröffentlichten neuen Album "Shifting" online. Ihr findet "Mudra: In Acceptance And Regret" HIER.

Die Band sagt zum Album: "Shifting is what we live in. It is the unavoidable condition of a movement embracing people, cultures, minds and sounds. From the east to the west and back. We all are shifting.
Gathering our thoughts on this condition, we tried to represent us, who we are today. Melting obscure landscapes and oriental impressions with huge streams of guitars and jazzy trumpets melodies, we shift from apparently fragile sonic architechtures to solid super-rock yelling quakes."

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von ihsan 15.01.2010 19:25

HOLY shit! ich brauch die platte