AT THE THRONE OF JUDGMENT haben folgendes Update auf ihrer Myspace Seite gepostet:



We have come to a point in our musical journey where we have been forced to make a decision. Several unforeseen events have unfolded that have brought us to our current situation. The five of us began touring as 3 students fresh out of high school and two students withdrawing from college. Each member graduating from high school had a significant scholarship to a college that they were turning down to tour. As you may or may not know, you don't make any money touring
when you're a brand new thrash/death metal band in the scene. In fact, you lose money.(not trying to discourage anyone) We never viewed making money as a priority, but there comes a time where you must realize that it is just not financially possible to continue.

We are all completely content with the decisions that we have made over the past year and do not regret a thing. One of our goals when we started this band was to make music we enjoy and overall have a good time. As time moved on, we all began to realize that it was inevitable the band would not last forever. We have learned from our experiences and ultimately got everything we wanted out of the band. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that it was time to move on.

Our music has taken us from coast to coast and everywhere in between. We have seen so many amazing things, met so many incredible people, and have so many great stories to tell. As cliche as it sounds, the friendships we have made with each other and with other bands are priceless and we hope to meet up with all the bands we we have toured with again. We love anyone who has ever come out to a show, bought a shirt, given us a place to stay, cooked breakfast for us, bought our CD, shaken our hand after a show, or shouted that we suck! We could
never do it without you guys.

We will be playing two more shows. One on December 20th at The Mad Hatter with Sea of Treachery, and a final farewell show that is yet to be scheduled. Eric will be performing at both. This may be the end of ATTOJ but it is only the beginning of our journey as musicians. We are constantly writing new music, some metal,some not. So definitely keep your eyes and ears open for new projects
to emerge from ATTOJ members. We love all of our fans, all of our bros, and all of the bands that don't make money and drive around the country in vans to keep metal alive!

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von Bumsgeburt 12.12.2007 10:50

das diese ganzen myspace bands sich immer so schnell auflösen..

von Luke // Allschools 12.12.2007 15:49

in diesem fall verständlich, alles andere wäre leichtsinnig und dumm.

von FKK 12.12.2007 15:53

mensch Luke, wo bleibt dein Pioniergeist? Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt!!

von SaneaTsu 12.12.2007 17:53

Find das echt schlimm, fand die Band (und vor allem ihr erstes und einziges Release) war richtig genial. Sehr traurig für mich...

von Luke // Allschools 12.12.2007 18:31

Hey C to the S, alles klar B? ;) Pioniergeist kannste vergessen, stressig im Moment :) Aber mal im Ernst, wenn die Jungs das alle aufs College geschafft haben, sollen die besser das machen. Jeder der weiß wie teuer die "Studiengebühren" quer über den Ozean sind kann das nachvolllziehen. Da drüben wird ja gemordet für ein Stipendium, hehe.

von Pascal(HSF) 17.12.2007 10:35

welche ganzen myspace bands haben sich denn alle schnell aufgelöst?