AT THE THRONE OF JUDGMENT haben sich zumindest auf Teilzeitbasis wieder reformiert. Hier das Statement:

"We are not going to be a full-time band (full-time meaning we drop everything just to tour the country). However, we will go back to being a part-time band.

As you know, we are spread out all over the place because all of us attend different colleges in different cities and states. So this isn't going to be easy, and it's definitely going to take a little bit of time. But we feel like we still have to create some siq james wether or not we tour.

What we plan on doing is writing a new album (which we have already started on). Brad is living in Nashville for school. With him being the main writer in the band and him living so far away we had to work out a new way for our writing process. Lately we have been laying out what we want to do with this album. We have decided to do a concept album. Eric has already written outlines for the entire album, and FYI it is gnarly.

We have been working on some ideas, and brad has been tracking some of them. We're going to do some pre'production ourselves once we get a few songs done and then enter the studio soon after to record so we can post them! Remember, we are in the beginning process of all this, But I can assure you there WILL be another ATTOJ album!"

Alte Kommentare

von Tobe 14.10.2008 13:02

hat die jemand ernsthaft vermisst ?

von SonicB00M 14.10.2008 16:32

jo ;)

von SaneaTsu 14.10.2008 21:51

ja, ich! beste nachricht des tages...

von oldboy 14.10.2008 22:13

the arcanum order war ja wohl geil

von Hurensohn 15.10.2008 01:02

was heißt vermisst aber das letzte album war schon extrem gut

von Ollo 15.10.2008 09:58

hab die erst jetz durch die news hier kennengelernt, klingt sehr geil.

von FKK 15.10.2008 10:40