AUDIOSLAVE auf dem Weg zur eigenen Identität


In einem Interview mit AOL Music News hat AUDIOSLAVE Frontmann Chris Cornell über das dritte Studioalbum der Band, "Revelations", gesprochen.

"Part of the AUDIOSLAVE theory is that if we keep writing and not let too much time go between visits to the studio, then the ball is always rolling," so Cornell. "It definitely goes a lot easier that way. From the time we wrote our first record, we had a lot of other ideas and other songs to go back and start with."

"Musically, they're kind of polarized. You had the melodic sort of pretty songs and somber songs living on the same record with very aggressive, riff-oriented hard rock songs," äußerte sich Cornell über die vorangegangenen Alben. "On this record I think we kind of married the two. All of our rock songs have attention to melody; our melodic songs have rocking choruses and are more aggressive. It's just another step in the direction of owning [our] identity."