AUGUST BURNS RED befinden sich im Studio, um zusammen mit Produzent Jason Suecof das vierte Album einzuspielen. Das noch unbetitelte Album soll im Sommer 2011 über Hassle Records erscheinen.

Lest dazu die Infopost:

AUGUST BURNS RED gears up to enter studio to record fourth album

Band to re-team with veteran producer Jason Suecof
Currently untitled fourth album due for release later this year

January 25, 2011 - Genre giants AUGUST BURNS RED have solidified plans to enter the studio February 14th to record their currently untitled fourth album. The band will re-team with metal mastermind Jason Suecof at his Audio Hammer Studios outside of Orlando, FL.

Suecof is no stranger to ABR's highly influential brand of metalcore, as he was the man behind the board for Constellations, the band's 2009 breakout hit that made waves when it landed at #24 on the Billboard Top 200. The band's third album – whose sales have soared past 90,000 –
established in no uncertain terms that AUGUST BURNS RED was a leader of its genre, a band that was quietly outselling, outdrawing and garnering
more praise than peers who've been gracing magazine covers for years. Only suddenly, it wasn't so quiet anymore. The fans and critics have spoken – loudly.

"We can't wait to get back to Florida to start recording with Suecof," says guitarist and principle songwriter JB Brubaker. "We're just about finished writing and it's shaping up to be a huge sounding album. I can't ever recall feeling this excited to get started when getting ready for past albums."

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von awesom-o 25.01.2011 16:16

geil.. eine der wenigen metalcore-bands, die mich bisher noch nicht mit nem flop-album enttäuscht haben. hoffe, das bleibt so!

von twr 25.01.2011 16:51

hassle records? wtf

von thedude 26.01.2011 10:32

wie wollen die das album toppen? aber genau diese frage habe ich mir auch schon von album 2 zu 3 gestellt!