AWOKEN aufgelöst!


Auch AWOKEN haben sich leider aufgelöst. Hier ihr Statement:

"With regret and sadness, we are announcing our end. For us, Awoken has always been more than a band. It has dominated our lives for 4 years and it was, and still is a symbol of friendship, ambition, and perseverance. We achieved so much more than we ever set out to and it has been an honour representing UK hardcore across Europe. It´s difficult to explain the reasons why we´re calling it a day, but let´s just say that we´ve hit a metaphorical brick wall. We´ve grasped every opportunity that has been thrown at us and now we´re all out of new pathways. We could go on, losing money on tours and hacking away at the same cities, but we´ve always been adamant that Awoken should never, ever become stagnant in any way. It has never been a "weekend" thing so we´d never be happy just playing the odd show, or recording a few songs whenever we´ve saved enough money. In short, Awoken is all or nothing. We´ve been living our dreams, and sooner or later, reality was always bound to come crashing down. We always did things our way, mostly DIY, and we always stuck to our guns no matter what changes might have brought us more success. We hope that we will always be seen as a positive part of the London, UK, and European hardcore legacy and we cannot thank enough those who have helped us to achieve everything we did. You know who you are.

We will be playing our final show at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London, on the 18th of February, and we would like to invite everyone - from old friends to new kids - to come and say farewell.

Over and out!