A GLOBAL THREAT - Aufgelöst!


Nach 10jähriger Bandgeschichte haben sich A GLOBAL THREAT aufgelöst. Hier das Statement der Band:


It's time. So we're going to do it fast. It's just like ripping off a band-aid...1...2...we broke up. A Global Threat is officially over. You can stop cheering now. So maybe your asking why? In the most diplomatic terms the breakup would probobly be characterized as a mutually agreed upon decision made by three individuals for seperate and different reasons. Too vague and impersonal? Sorry, thats all you get. This isn't "Behind the Music". We'll also spare the wistful, sentimental comments on the bands history and the times spent making it. Our history is on record shelves and on worn fliers hanging on the walls of dark clubs, and our experiences and how we feel about it all will be in our heads and hearts (and maybe yours too), and in the end, that's enough. No sense cheapening it on a myspace blog.

On with the epitaph!

You run a huge risk of pissing someone out there off when not including them on the all important "final thanks list", but the following deserve that "special" mention for their help, support, contribution an friendship over the years. A sincere thank you to the following:

All the past members of AGT and all the touring temp guitarists who gave of their services when we needed them. If playing in a modestly successful punk band can be tough at times, you can bet that being a roadie and doing merch for one can be even tougher so thank you to Tarek "Larry Bird is better than Magic Johnson" Hammad and Fred Gunn for all their help. Thanks to all the labels we've worked with and the people that work at them (BYO, Punkcore, Rodent Popsicle, ADD etc.), to our booking agent Ron Martinez, Rich at Machete and Interpunk.com.
Thanks to the bands we've played with, toured with or partied with, especially our close bro bands Clit 45, The Casualties, Wedenesday Night Heroes and Strike Anywhere. Thanks to the fans. To the ones who bought a record or had a good time at a show but most of all to the "super fans". The ones who listened hard, always supported and "got it". And lastly thank you to our friends. We could have done it without you but it wouldn't have been as fun. Extra thanks to Pete, Mark, Ron, Tarek, Arya, Fred, Rufio, Cody, Mike O'brien, Dave Martinez, Sambo and Melissa.

Before you begin the seven stages of grief, here's a final thought,

Bands come and go, get together and split up. The music and the memories are what lasts forever.---A Global Threat (Nov. 19, 2007)"