A PERFECT MURDER lösen sich offiziell auf und brechen eine Lanze für Victory. Lest selbst:

"A Perfect Murder is officially breaking up. There are a lot of things that could be discussed about but we don't wanna go that way. We'd like to think about all the good things music has bring to us over the last 7 years. We've met a lot of people, made a lot friends, traveled to places that we thought we would never go.

1 Demo, 2 Ep's and 4 LPs later we are very proud to say that we, A Perfect Murder, has achieved something truly remarkable. We'd like to thanks the Quebec hardcore/Metal scene for all the support since we've started. This, also goes out to everybody that have supported us and helped us out over the last couple of years. Thank you so much.

To all the great and not-so-great bands that we have played with. Thank you. Thanks to Mike Gaytan from Premonitions of war. You've done so much for us. Thanks to Mike, Manual and the SF Crew for saving our asses on tour more than once. We'll never forget. Thanks for Bouchard's parent for being a member of this band since the beginning, this would have never happen without your help. Never ending love. There are thousands of other people that we would like to thanks but the list would be too big.

We also wanna thanks Victory Records for having believed in us since we signed with them. Cuz hate them or not, They are the reason why all of you out there know A Perfect Murder. That was a hell of ride. We are very proud of everything we've done. Even the mistakes. We have learn so much. So thanks to everybody once again and keep metal alive. You'll hear from some of us pretty soon."

Alte Kommentare

von a46 07.07.2007 22:25

schade... fand die truppe durchaus nett

von 7 angels 07.07.2007 23:09

Mehr aber auch nicht. Auf jeder Platte waren zwei, drei nette Stücke. Juckt mich nicht, dass sie sich auflösen. Klangen eh zu sehr nach Pantera.