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Es ist schon ein paar Tage her, aber A SKYLIT DRIVE haben ihren Sänger verloren und auch der zwischenzeitig eingesprungene Johnny (exDance Gavin Dance) wird nicht der neue Mann am Mic sein. Lest selbst:

" Hey guys, so it's been a while, and we know a lot of people would like to know what's going on with us. We want to start by saying that we love all of you for sticking beside us through the tough times and the good ones, and there's plenty of kick still left in us!

On our last tour with From First To Last, we came to a crossroads where a very difficult decision was made, and we had to respect it. As many of you know, Jordan is no longer with us in A Skylit Drive. Touring is a tough business, and it affects different people differently. If you look back at our comments and previous blogs, you'll know that we have had to make cancellations in various cities, and apologies for the briefness of our sets, and other problems. We are not saying all of these occurrences are any one person's fault, we are merely stating that tour is a risky, demanding business, and we have been doing everything we can to become the touring machine, and professional band that you, our fans want.

We were not able to work things out with Jordan, so he left to go back home in the final week of our tour with From First To Last. At that time, our friend Johnny (formerly of Dance Gavin Dance) was filling in to help us out so that we could finish our shows and play for our fans. With this, we would also like to say that Johnny is NOT our new front man. We love Johnny, and we know that all the fans love Johnny, but we all have to remember that he is still under contract with Rise, and has a wonderful relationship with Craig and everyone there, and is happy there.

We sincerely wish Jordan the best. His new band Razing Alexandria is awesome and they offer a lot, and we encourage you guys to check them out.

So this brings us up to the present. Where does this leave A Skylit Drive? Well, we recently returned home from recording our new full length in North Carolina with some AMAZING Producers (Jamie King, Mitchell Marlow, Al Jacobs, and Kit Walters), and we only have some finishing touches to tend to, and then we'll be ready to announce the release of our new record! As far as our new front man goes, we aren't ready to announce who just yet, but you can rest assured that the A Skylit Drive you came to know and love will be back and better than ever. We have had many auditions, and we didn't want to short-change our fans by not picking the absolute best person we could find. We already are already building a very hefty tour schedule for '08, and we have some awesome bands we'll be touring with, so please stay tuned to check out our announcement of our new singer, the new tour dates, our new CD release date, and maybe even a couple other surprises…

Again thank you to everyone that has stood by us, our fans most importantly, our families, our friends, our Label, our Managers"

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von Pascal(HSF) 09.01.2008 04:28

Bin mal gespannt wie sich die neuen Sänger machen. Persönlich finde ich Johnny Craig als einen der besten Sänger überhaupt in dem Genre, schade das er bei DGD raus ist, denke aber bei Emarosa wird er auch gut reinpassen. Neuer Sänger bei Dance Gavin Dance ist übrigens Kurt Travis (ex. Five Minute Ride) denke aber er kann Johnny bei DGD nicht ersetzen, stimme ist zu einmalig... hatte der Sänger von A Skylit Drive nicht mal Herzprobleme und die haben deswegen ne Tour gecancelt? Naja, die sind eh nicht so mein Fall...

von 7 angels 09.01.2008 08:33


von pain 09.01.2008 09:18

finde die jungs erstaunlich gut, also für das was sie machen... aber natürlich alles sehr vergänglich.