Folgendes Update gibt es von den Jungs von A WILHELM SCREAM:

"So I haven't been here in like two months, and I realized that we haven't updated the news in two months either, so here's an update on why you haven't heard from us and might think that we're dead. First of all we're not dead. We've been at home in New Bedford writing our asses off and playing together almost every day. We just finished demoing the first 13 songs in the project studio in Trevors basement, and we're currently working on a bunch of other songs. We figure to have around twenty to choose from for our next record.

Speaking of our next record, in case you were wondering, we are heading back to the Blasting Room to drive Bill and Jason completely insane once again in the beginning of May. So that will hopefully be out by the end of the summer (Or the beginning of summer depending on when when some fucktard leaks it.) "What about touring?" You might be asking yourself. Honestly I don't know. We don't currently have anything booked, but by the time we get out of the studio, I'm sure we'll be eager to get out there and hopefully see the outer reaches of our beloved homeland again. (We realize we haven't toured the U.S. in eight months so get off our back already, Europe and Australia needed some love too.) That's all for now, good talking to you, see you soon. Go listen to Municipal Waste in the mean time."