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Wir haben lange mit uns gehandert, ob wir mit einem Forum online gehen sollten. Nun ist es soweit und ihr könnt das jungfräuliche Teil hier erreichen.

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von Haven 18.02.2010 16:19

BLACK HAVEN : REAPING STUDIOS - MID MARCH 2010 Time flies. It has been a while since you heard from our Haven. Since the last European/UK tour with Swamp Thing we've been playing a couple of extra shows and pretty much then, this whole world turned into darkness. Winter took everything down, and over the last bitter months we found ourselves praying, slitting wrists, writing and rehearsing, finishing the reapings of what will become our new record. We are stoked to head into the studios again. Starting mid march 2010. 2010 TEASER FOR OUR UPCOMING RECORD - CHECK IT OUT BLACK HAVEN - WEBSITE Currently under construction and waiting for a relaunch starting mid march. In which we will post up some updates and news of the process. GUITAR PLAYER LEVY JOINS HAVEN - PEDRO LEAVING Pedro is leaving Black Haven. And we wish him all the best in life and with his new family. We want to thank him for everything, and all the time and effort he shared with us on rehearsals, in vans, shows and on the road. He definitely made his mark on Black Haven, and on us as well as a friend, he will be missed. Period. Currently we have a new member in our Haven. Levy will be joining us on second guitar. BLACKTOP RECORDS - HOLY SHIT! RECORDS : RIP As some of you already know, Blacktop Records broke up last year. Sad to know that Holy Shit! Records is breaking up as well. Still we want to thank Niko Blacktop Records and Jonas and Ramzi - Holy Shit! Records for all the chances and efforts they made/gave us and other bands throughout the scene for releasing/distributing records, tour support, setting up shows, promotion and much more. Thanks for everything. It was wicked. Be sure to make your mark on their last farewell show. HOLY SHIT! FAREWELL SHOW MARCH 11TH - AT OVERPOORT - GENT W/ SHREDDER, REPROACH, VOGUE, OATHBREAKER, BLACK HAVEN RECORDS MERCH Last year the European pressing of our Lazarus 7" on Holy Shit! Records got sold out. The last copies of the US pressing on Surprise Attack Records are coming to an end as well. So if you want to get a hold of it. Try out the Surprise Attack Records webstore. Or pick up one of the handful leftovers at our shows. SURPRISE ATTACK RECORDS (US) HOLY SHIT! RECORDS BLACKTOP RECORDS UPCOMING SHOWS FEB 26 - CHOKING WINTERFEST - HERSELT/ANTWERP BE MAR 11 - HOLY SHIT! FAREWELL SHOW - GENT BE BOOKINGS / TOURS We are looking for more shows again and tours coming up. Get in touch! BLACK HAVEN - 2010 RAMZI - TIJS - BERT - KLUZE - LEVY

von stingingrain 18.02.2010 18:20

wäre schön wenn du suchfunktion endlich mal ginge hier! ältere cd reviews sind gar nicht mehr zu finden, da man sich noch nicht mal mehr alle auf einmal anzeigen lassen kann....

von Fabian 18.02.2010 19:50

Wenn ich auf den Link gehe komm ich auf die normale Startseiten:)

von mikefize 18.02.2010 20:02

@TheBrokenVow Ich war auch kurz irritiert, aber schau mal aufs Datum ;-)

von Fabian 18.02.2010 20:04

Das erklärt einiges:D Danke:) Aber wäre trotzdem ne schöne Idee!