Allschools presents: Allschools Adventskalender 2011 - Türchen 24: ALESANA, MACHINE HEAD, PROPAGANDHI


Wir präsentieren euch den Allschools Adventskalender 2011!

24 Bands werden alle mit den selben 6 Fragen zum Thema Weihnachten konfrontiert. Jeden Tag erzählt eine andere Band, wie sie Weihnachten feiert und was sie an der Weihnachtszeit liebt und hasst.

Ihr könnt die Antworten von allen Bands im Interview nachlesen!



Shawn Milke, Vocals, Gitarre und Klavier bei ALESANA

Where and how do you celebrate Christmas?

This year I will be spending Christmas with my wife, my father, and my sister at my Grandmother's house in Cape May, NJ where I grew up.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is a time to see everyone that I love the most in my life; an opportunity to share old memories while creating new ones.

What will you have for dinner on Christmas?

My Grandmother makes a FANTASTIC ham.

What is the best part of the Christmas time?

The movies and the music. My favorite record this year is Michael Buble's christmas collection. My wife and I have had a steady diet of Elf, Christmas Vacation, and Christmas with the Kranks.

What is the worst of the Christmas time?

Driving in the snow. That gets really scary on this side of the country.

Which gifts should lie under your Christmas tree?

As long as I get to see my family and know that everyone I love, especially my wife and my unborn child, are safe and healthy then I have everything I need.

Phil Demmel, Gitarrist von MACHINE HEAD:

Wo und wie feierst Du Weihnachten?

Weihnachten verbringe ich ganz klassisch zuhause bei meiner Familie. Wir sind oft sehr lange auf Tour und vernachlässigen leider in dieser Zeit die Familie. Deswegen ist es immer sehr schön, die Weihnachtszeit zuhause bei meiner Frau und meinem Sohn zu verbringen.

Was bedeutet Weihnachten für Dich?

Weihnachten bedeutet für mich Zeit mit der Familie zu verbringen und den alltäglichen Tourstress zu vergessen.

Wie sieht Dein Festessen aus?

Das musst du meine Frau fragen, da lasse ich mich überraschen! (lacht)

Welche Geschenke sollen unter Deinem Weihnachtsbaum liegen?

Gute Frage, da habe ich noch gar nicht drüber nachgedacht! (lacht) Ich denke das Zusammensein mit der Familie ist wichtiger als irgendwelche Geschenke. Aber ich bin mir sicher, dass mir da noch etwas einfällt!

Todd Kowalski, Bassist bei PROPAGANDHI

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas means very little too me except the fact that I get to see my parents and piss people off saying "X-mas" as much as I can and stuff like that.

What will you have for dinner on Christmas?

I will probably have vegan perogies, chilli, some potatoes with mushroom gravy, and some other crazy stuff. My brother's vegetarian too so we usually have a pretty good supper.

What is the best part of the Christmas time?

Seeing my Mom, Dad and brother is the good parts, I also try to stop in to see a couple friends in Regina which is between here (Winnipeg) and my parents city, Saskatoon

What is the worst part of the Christmas time?

The worst part is that some people suddenly feel the need to re-assert and impose their religious boredom into what for many has always been a time when they get holidays and a chance to get together with their family. Not to mention that there's so many different types of people mixed together these days there's no reason to keep the holiday religious in schools or at work or whatever. Of course people can go as hard as they want praying at home or in their church or even in the street for all I care, just spare people being forced to participate if they are non-believers.

Which gifts should lie under your Christmas tree

I can't think of anything I want for X-mas, usually I try to con my mom into getting me paint so I don't have to buy as much for the next year but I won free art supplies in a door draw so there's no point going for that shhizz now. Haha

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Geiler Typ !! 13.01.12 ! Ich freue mich auf das neue Album von Alex Amsterdam =)