BANE und HAVE HEART - Europatour in Planung



BANE haben eine Update zu ihren Tourplänen veröffentlicht. Neben ihren Australien Dates sprechen sie ebenfalls über eine Europatour mit HAVE HEART für August - September. Hoffen wir mal das es klappt. Hier das Statement:

"Late Feb-early March we will be out with Down to Nothing, Ambitions and The Geeks..(Down to Nothing will not play the Detroit show on 2/23, but Modern Life is War is on it)

Then early April we finally get to Australia..we are way past excited for this.
The information we have so far is thin..we don't have any venu addresses, starting times or opening bands. Hopefully that stuff will come through soon and we will update when it does. Contact the good people at for tickets and more information.

Also talk has begun for a late August-September European tour with Have Heart"