BAYSIDE Frontmann Anthony über die Musikinsustrie


BAYSIDE Frontmann Anthony hat sich in seinem Blog über die Musikindustrie geäußert:

"’m not saying I hate labels or managers or agents or anything. They’re all very important and they are all part of the team to make a band get to the next level and stay there. I was just thinking about all this stuff and wanted to clear my mind. If a band that sells 700k copies is a flop, then I’m fucked I guess.

I guess I’m just trying to say, support bands and music. On all levels. When you download an album or decide to buy a beer instead of a shirt at a show, think of what that means to music as a whole. This isn’t as glamorous as it seems."

Alte Kommentare

von Durza 05.01.2009 11:43

Vergleich von einem Bier mit nem Shirt?! Kostet das drüben in etwa dasselbe oder was?

von mo 05.01.2009 11:44

nen gutes bier ja..weil da musste lange suchen :D

von Tom 05.01.2009 13:56

soll sich halt nen richtigen job suchen...

von mo 05.01.2009 14:13 das dein ernst?..dann sag das ma jeder band... wer braucht schon musik

von hannes 05.01.2009 16:55

ihr vögel!