BAYSIDE trennen sich von Victory


BAYSIDE Mitglieder Jack O'Shea (guitar/vocals) und Nick Ghanbarian (bass) haben sich dazu geäußert Victory Records verlassen zu haben. Ghanbarian erklärte:

"We don't have a record label at the moment so, that's kind of a big thing in our lives, we need to figure who will put it out first. Anthony [Raneri, vocals/guitar] is always writing new things but we haven't come together as a band yet to try and start writing. The process, in some ways, has slowly started because we know we are creeping up to a time where we need to find our new label."

O'Shea fügte an:

"We haven't formally been speaking with anyone because we are still under contract with Victory, with the support of this record. Out of respect for our contractual obligation, we are refraining from speaking to anyone formally about any plans. I think we did everything we could with our time with Victory, our contract was up and it was time for us to move on and do something different. We wish them all the best in the future."

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von a. 02.06.2009 20:26

Hauptsache, sie machen weiter. sowas geiles wie bayside, alta