BEAR - unterschreiben bei LET IT BURN RECORDS


BEAR und Let It Burn Records wollen zukünftig gemeinsame Wege gehen. Das Debüt Album "Doradus" soll im Juni über das Label veröffentlicht werden. Die Band kommentiert das Signing folgendermaßen:

"BEAR is very proud and honored to announce their signing with Let It Burn Records. The band is anxious to work together as the label is as excited about their music as they are AND both seem to share the same amount of passion and dedication to their mutual goals. BEAR's first full length 'DORADUS' will be recorded in March 2011 and will see the light of day later this year. Be aware…."

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von drago 14.01.2011 20:07

alter... wo hatte sich das Zuckerstück denn versteckt!?