BEAUTIFUL BODIES (ex-THE GET UP KIDS) - stellen neuen Song vor


Die BEAUTIFUL BODIES aus Kansas City um den ehemaligen THE GET UP KIDS-Drummer Thomas Becker und Frontfrau Alicia Sombrino stellen mit "Capture & Release" einen neuen Song ihres Epitaph-Debüts "Battles" vor, welches von JOHN FELDMANN produziert wurde. Unten ist der Song inklusive Videoclip zu finden.


Becker zur Band:


“I was back in Kansas City on a Christmas break and Alicia and I went to some hoity-toity art show. I didn’t know it at the time, but Alicia knows literally every Michael Jackson and James Brown dance — all of a sudden, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ came on, and she just busted into the entire dance. There are fancy hors d’oeuvres being served, and here’s Alicia doing ‘Thriller’ in the middle of this art gallery. I was like, ‘That girl is f-cking awesome. I need to hang out with her!’ That’s seriously what lured me in!”