BEFORE THEIR EYES - Stellen B-Seite online


BEFORE THEIR EYES haben eine bisher unveröffentlichte B-Seite mit dem Namen "Break" online gestellt.

Die Band wird sich im Oktober mit Nick Ingram ins Studio begeben um die Arbeiten an ihrem 4ten Album "Redemption" abzuschließen, welches Anfang 2012 via InVogue Records erscheinen soll.

"This B-Side track is just something we wanted tour fans to hear. It doesn't represent the style we are going for on our new album, it is just a song we thought was good & didn't know what else to do with it. We are going back to our classic style on this new album & we even wrote 6 of the songs with our old guitarist Landon Tewers (now in The Plot In You). We are just honestly thankful to be on our fourth record, it is very rare for a band in our scene to get this many records out,"
so Sänger Nick Moore.

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