BELIEVER enthüllen Tracklist von 'Transhuman'


BELIEVER haben die Tracklist ihres neuen Albums Transhuman, das am 8./11. April erscheint, veröffentlicht.

"Transhuman" Tracklist:
1 Lie Awake
2 G.U.T
3 Multiverse
4 End of Infinity
5 Transfection
6 Clean Room
7 Currents
8 Traveler
9 Ego Machine
10 Being No One
11 Entanglement
12 Mindsteps

BELIEVER haben für die Produktion und das Artwork von Transhuman erneut auf die Fähigkeiten von Michael Rosner und dessen Eye Level Studio zurückgegriffen. "We wanted to work with Roz again on Transhuman as our visions of combining art and music truly parallel. He just gets it and his artwork is outside the typical box in a way that we strive for musically. It is an amazing collaboration that we have with Roz that continues to evolve. We are excited for everyone to see the final layout!"

Die Band fährt fort: "Sonically we're extremely happy with this album and can't wait for other people to hear it. We feel like this is a really strong and unique album in the < BELIEVER catalogue and it's something we're definitely proud of.

So what will you hear? We focused more on the overall musicality which included more instrumental layers than we used before. The vocals were also more of a focus as we have had much feedback throughout the years, specifically to get out of the one dimensional realm. Kurt wanted the vocals to be more complimentary to the overall tune feel, so he used many facets of his vocal abilities. As with all Believer albums, this one is definitely unique."

Kurt Bachman - guitars/vocals
Joey Daub - drums
Jeff King - keyboards/guitars
Kevin Leaman - guitars