BENEATH THE SKY sind die nächsten unter so vielen die sich aufgelöst haben.

Hier das Statement der Band:

"We are here to inform you that Beneath The Sky have decided to throw in the towel, and go their separate ways. We are truly saddened that such a wonderful opportunity has briefly come to its demise. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and love to all of our families, friends, and fans all over the world that have supported us from day one. You are the world to us!

"Thanks to those who have helped us out with booking/promoting shows, picked up our albums, gave us a place to sleep, or just helped us out in general. We want to give out our love and best wishes to all of those, and to the bands we had the pleasure of sharing the road/stage with. You all know who you are. Thanks for sharing the good times with us!

Alte Kommentare

von Ozleot 16.08.2008 16:11

Gerade erst ein neues Album raus gebracht das ich auch noch gut fand, und schon ist wieder schluss...

von Hurensohn 16.08.2008 18:20

FUCK.. -.-